Help save Toronto's Art & Historical Landmarks!

2 Days

10km of Path

1 International Art Thief

16 Pieces of Art

October 16-17, 2021
Downtown Toronto

Over the past month, dozens of reports have surfaced about a masked bandit the media has dubbed; “The Professor”. This individual has been attempting to steal Toronto’s works of art including: murals, statutes, sculptures and historic landmarks. So far the good citizens of Toronto have thwarted his daring capers by catching him in the act and scaring him away by photographing him! But an inside source has revealed that The Professor will be stealing 16 of Toronto’s pieces of artwork on October 16!

help! You’re Toronto’s only hope!

Toronto needs YOU and your TEAM to decipher the clues he’s left behind, find the 16 pieces of art and catch him in act before its too late!

Toronto’s Art Heist will take you and your Team to 16 locations across the downtown core, where you will need to decipher clues to guide you to pieces of art hidden in plain sight, find The Professor who will be lurking nearby & take a picture of him and finally answer a skill testing question about the piece of art before solving your next clue and moving on to save the next piece of art!

Toronto Art Heist is a real world, art themed scavenger hunt that will take participants on a 10km tour of Toronto’s downtown core. The Professor’s Art Heist will be stopped by using an app (Scavify) and solving all 48 challenges. This event is a great way for people to get outdoors, enjoy a walking tour of the city and discover 16 pieces of art and historical sites that are hidden in plain sight.

On this tour, participants will need to decipher clues that will lead them to 16 permanent art installations. Once the participant has found the art installation they will need to “check-in” using a geo-location feature of the app and then they will need find a hidden portrait of The Professor (which will contain a unique QR Code) and take a picture of it.

The Professor never lets anyone take his picture, he always turns tail and runs away. Taking his picture will cause him to flee and save the piece of art. Once those tasks have been completed, participants will need to answer a skill testing question about the piece of art before moving on to solve the next clue, which will lead them to their next stop on the Art Heist.

Help save Toronto's Art & Historical Landmarks!

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All persons participating in the Toronto Art Heist, do so at their own risk. No liability for loss, injury or damage to any person, property or vehicle will be assumed by Toronto Toronto Art Heist, the City of Toronto or the events affiliated partners, sponsors, staff or volunteers. ​